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On a more positive note

I thought I’d share with you what someone had posted on my Yahoo answers page regarding her experience with online dating.

Carrie wrote:

A lot of people like to put down online dating but I always love to tell them my story

My fiance found me on Myspace, yep that’s right!
He typed “Redheads” in Upland (that’s the city we both live in) and pooof! I was the third girl on the list. He messaged me, I messaged back; we talked back and forth, talked on the phone, met in person and BAM! Four years later we are getting married and happier than ever!

I fully approve online dating, our society these days rely heavily on the internet for a lot of things, so it is natural we adjust to use it for finding our soul mates…


According to Harris Interactive research 2008, on average about 236 eHarmony users marry everyday. While the majority use dating websites as a means to date casually, there are still some people like Carrie who find themselves with a partner for life.

Expert by Experience,

Lady Loverly


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Top 5 lies

It’s hard enough to truly get to know someone in person these days without struggling to overcome the barriers of a computer screen. Don’t be fooled. Here are some common lies online daters dish. While some may be as silly as lying about one’s height, ask yourself, can I trust this person?

1.) Age- posting of outdated pictures to appear younger than actual age

2.) Income- claims to make a higher salary

3.) Height/weight- adds or deducts a couple of inches/pounds

4.) Appearance- claiming to be the person in  photos that have been taken from other websites

5.)  Intentions- some claim to be looking for a long term connection when all they want is a one night stand

Awareness is power. Conquer the lies before you get fooled by the disguise.

Expert by Experience,

Lady Loverly

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O.D. dilemma #2-Olivia

Olivia asks,

What approx is the percentage of the people who believe in this concept…….. 🙂


According to Video Jug, within the year of 2008, there were as many as forty to fifty million people of all ages engaging in the act of online dating, with numbers steadily increasing. OKCupid alone racked up  a total of 1.51 million members in the present day.

Whether people are joining to put an end to their curiosity or to actually make a connection, it seems as though a good percentage of the public believe enough to make this modern form of dating, a phenomenon.

Expert by Experience,

Lady Loverly

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O.D.dilemma #1-Amy

Recently I attempted to reach out to online daters via Yahoo Answers, in hopes to provide some sort of closure to their most pressing questions.


Well I’ve just started online dating as a way to build my confidence. If I’ve been talking to someone a bit but don’t really want to meet how can I get that out of the question and make it as painless as possible?


Amy, using an online dating site can certainly boost confidence but I don’t recommend that being the sole purpose as to why you are on there. The majority of people on these sites are looking to form some sort of connection, not to waste their time with someone who has no intention of doing so. With all due respect, this approach can be seen as leading someone on.For instance, a person is complimenting you and continues to chat because he/she is convinced that eventually, if all goes well, you two will meet up and potentially make online dating a thing of the past.

If it is a mere confidence booster you seek, go out and engage in activities you are most passionate about. Not only will you be doing something you love but you will meet new people who enjoy the same thing. A great website for this is meetup.com where you can find specialized group activities and volunteer work. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about getting a new haircut or article of clothing? Working out releases feel good endorphins while complimenting others will help you to become well liked. Find out more information on these and other confidence boosters in the article entitled, “10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence.”

Remember, confidence comes from within. Before seeking this energy elsewhere from an outside source, make sure you acknowledge it within yourself first.

Part two of Amy’s question…

Also any major signs that who I think I’m talking to isn’t really that person (I do Facebook add to see more photos, friends etc)?


Amy I would definitely recommend reading my post entitled, “Media Mingling.” Sadly there is a  lot of dating in disguise out there, mainly because we  rely heavily upon pictures and instant messaging as a means of connecting with an interest. If we’re living in such a technological age, then why not use some of these devices to our advantage? I recommend using Skype. The program is easy to download, it’s free and the webcam option makes it more difficult for impostors to disguise themselves. Also, try to stay  away from giving out your Facebook so early on in the game, since it contains a lot of personal information.

Hope that helped Amy and anyone else who had similar concerns.

Expert by Experience,

Lady Loverly

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