You did what?

Why am I writing a blog about the world and ways of online dating?

Back in November of 2009, I decided to become a member of the modernized mingling sensation, as a means to get over my ex.  The beginnings of my adventure sparked mixed emotions from those around me….

-You’re  only 21, you are too young to be on a dating website. Take this time to focus more on your career

-There are so many weirdos on the internet. You could end up the victim of a murder scene.

-Who knows, you just might find something special. Your cousins both found their wives doing the same thing

-You’re at college, there are plenty of guys to date here on campus

-What if employers find out that you are on here?

Needless to say, my experiences with this somewhat taboo form of bonding, piqued the curiosity of those around me. Six single skeptics decided to take their shot at the same cyber adventure, three of them are currently content in healthy relationships, another dated around and found a new perspective from her experiences, while the other two are still searching and enjoy the anticipation that follows.

Me? I’ve found someone whom I consider to be very special and quite refreshing. Though, despite our great connection, we’ve been battling the challenges of proximity. Currently we keep in touch on a daily basis and try to see one  another whenever possible.

So here’s to the sharing of experiences and advice, I’ll be dishing it for free until I can find  a way to get paid for it! Come along for the journey…the heartbroken, the curious, even the skeptics, you’re all welcome.

Expert by Experience,

Lady Loverly